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Code of Ethics

The Code of Conduct and Good Practice of EASA governs the actions and the working relationships of employees, management, as well as the various interest groups, mainly Customers and Suppliers. Equally, this code has its support in the ethical values that EASA defends in the exercise of its business mission. On the other hand it also reflects its vision of their responsibility before their employees, Clients, Suppliers and, generally, the Society it serves.

 Loyalty to their interest groups


Transparency, best management practices, sustainability of the Company.


HR Policy and professional development.


Service, quality and availability.


Loyalty, care and cooperation.


Environmental Commitment.


Territorial Development and social solidarity.

Electronica Aranjuez ensures custom solutions, backed by extensive experience and professionalism.


ELECTRÓNICA ARANJUEZ forma parte del Grupo Espacio Industrial, que engloba diversas compañías que ofrecen soluciones de fabricación y servicios enfocados al sector industrial (electrónico, defensa y aeronáutico, entre otros).
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