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Human Resources

The human resources policy of EASA is based on offering a quality employment to its work force.


The professional performance allows employees integration, stability, professional development, efficiency, physical integrity and safety at work. All of the above has been achieved though the following principles: 


  • Equality between men and women.
  • Accessibility and non-discrimination based on any type of physical, cultural, gender or ethnic diversity.
  • Harmonizing with ease the professional and personal lives of the employees.
  • Promotion of Health and Safety of staff.
  • Continuous training for diligent performance of their duties and responsibilities, as well as the improvement of their employability.



Electronica Aranjuez ensures custom solutions, backed by extensive experience and professionalism.


ELECTRÓNICA ARANJUEZ forma parte del Grupo Espacio Industrial, que engloba diversas compañías que ofrecen soluciones de fabricación y servicios enfocados al sector industrial (electrónico, defensa y aeronáutico, entre otros).
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