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EASA today



EASA, was born 28 in 1986 to provide service to large and medium-sized enterprises that manufacture electromechanical products and high technology components, whose strategy is mainly based on the outsourcing of the total or partial production of their products.

At present, EASA, focuses its activity on the management of electronic and electromechanical equipment manufacture, integration, maintenance and quality assurance, all of this at the request of the client and adapting to their needs.


EASA is also a specialist in the manufacture of special wiring, in the fields of Defence, Aeronautics, Aerospace and Railways, among others.


The purpose of EASA is to achieve a prominent place in the manufacturing Comprehensive Management, for Companies from various technological fields, developing together with the client from their experience and current capabilities, towards proposals with a high added value. All of this is done through agreements and alliances, both for national and international markets, thereby achieving competitive strength.



  • Income 5/6 M€
  • 3,000 m² intended for production
  • 75 employees
  • EASA is part of the Grupo Espacio Industrial (GEI), which is established at a national level, with a turnover of 24 M€ and a team formed by 500 employees


Electronica Aranjuez ensures custom solutions, backed by extensive experience and professionalism.


ELECTRÓNICA ARANJUEZ forma parte del Grupo Espacio Industrial, que engloba diversas compañías que ofrecen soluciones de fabricación y servicios enfocados al sector industrial (electrónico, defensa y aeronáutico, entre otros).
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