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Major Milestones

Please find below the most relevant events since the establishment of Electrónica Aranjuez (EASA) in 1986:


  • 1986, Constitution and start-up of the company, with an initial workforce of 6 operators.
  • 1987, Manufacture of first inter-city traffic signals equipment and installations.
  • 1988, Manufacture of first peripheral equipment for access control (issuance and cancellation of transport tickets).
  • 1991, Manufacture of peripheral equipment for access to the EXPO 92. Creation of repair centre for electronic maintenance of the access control systems.
  • 1993, Opening of new facilities in Aranjuez.
  • 1994, Quality Certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001.
  • 2000, Manufacture of first-class Equipment and  special harness for the defence market.
  • 2002, Quality Certificate UNE-IN 9100.
  • 2005, Implementation of ERP SAP Business One.
  • 2006, Merger with other companies in Grupo Espacio Industrial. Creation of logistics centre for the improvement of the management of equipment components with comprehensive management.
  • 2007, Airbus Military certification processes, stapling and soft soldering.
  • 2008, Manufacture of   special equipment and harness for the aerospace market. ESA Certifications (European Space Agency).
  • 2010, Implementation of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).
  • 2011, Quality harmonized with some of our major clients.
  • 2012, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Endorsement of the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, as minimum set of rules that unifies the CSR at a global level. 
  • 2013, Member of GBC (Green Building Council Spain).
  • 2014, Quality Certificate ISO 14001-2004.

Electronica Aranjuez ensures custom solutions, backed by extensive experience and professionalism.


ELECTRÓNICA ARANJUEZ forma parte del Grupo Espacio Industrial, que engloba diversas compañías que ofrecen soluciones de fabricación y servicios enfocados al sector industrial (electrónico, defensa y aeronáutico, entre otros).
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