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Quality Policy

EASA, company dedicated to the manufacture of electrical harnesses, integration and testing of electromechanical equipment for Companies in the sectors ICT, aeronautics, aerospace, and others, both in the defence and civil fields, expresses its commitment to quality through this quality policy.

The model chosen by Management for the Quality Management System is based on the international standards ISO 9001 and EN 9100 and it is applicable to the activities developed in the workplace at Electronica Aranjuez.

Senior Management has the conviction to maintain a Quality Management System that must be the key element where the Company should guide their efforts with three main objectives:

  • Helping our Clients to be the best, by providing quality competitive services using our experience to help consolidate ourselves in the market.
  • The satisfaction of our Clients, and, wherever possible to exceed their expectations.
  • Continuous improvement.

For the achievement of these objectives, EASA’s Senior Management is committed through this Quality Policy to:

  • Finding tailor- made solutions for each Client and product.
  • The continuous improvement of the productivity, profitability and efficiency in all our processes and the use of our resources, both human and material.
  • Training and motivation of our employees to obtain the desired level of quality by our Clients in each product.
  • Promoting a participative behaviour and increase the responsibility of all our employees in order to improve the quality.
  • Based on our experience: 
    • To anticipate Clients possible problems that might arise in the manufacture of their products.
    • To offer solutions if any problems occur during manufacture.
    • To formulate improvements to our Clients in their products.
  • Verifying the compliance with the requirements of the product and exceed them whenever possible.
  • Meet the agreed deadlines for delivery of the final and intermediate products.
  • Improving the relationships with our Clients and Suppliers, both internal and external.
  • To comply with national regulations and European directives which are applicable to our products.

The achievement of these goals is the responsibility of all the staff of EASA. All of us who are part of EASA accept these principles, and it is our responsibility to implement them. Management will disseminate the appropriate awareness in order to achieve this commitment, and will allocate the necessary resources to ensure the successful implementation of this policy.


ELECTRÓNICA ARANJUEZ forma parte del Grupo Espacio Industrial, que engloba diversas compañías que ofrecen soluciones de fabricación y servicios enfocados al sector industrial (electrónico, defensa y aeronáutico, entre otros).
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